These are the top 20 companies hiring for work-from-home jobs right now - CNBC

These are the top 20 companies hiring for work-from-home jobs right now - CNBC

These are the top 20 companies hiring for work-from-home jobs right now - CNBC

Posted: 11 Jan 2021 12:00 AM PST

The rise of flexible work has long been a trend workplace experts believed would take hold in the years to come, but few could have predicted just how much it would become a mainstay of the work experience in 2020. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, just 3.6% of the U.S. workforce worked primarily remotely. By April 2020, roughly half of office workers were working completely from home, according to Gallup, and the share of full-time teleworkers remained elevated at 33% as of September.

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FlexJobs, a career resource that helps people find remote work, saw a 50% jump in people visiting the site and 19% uptick in employers posting job openings in the last year, says FlexJobs career development manager and coach Brie Reynolds.

And for its eighth annual list of the top 100 companies hiring for remote roles, FlexJobs analyzed data from roughly 57,000 companies and identified the ones that posted the highest number of open remote jobs to the site in the last year, indicating a likelihood they'll continue their hiring spree into 2021.

In the last year, the No. 1 company to hire the most remote workers is Lionbridge, which provides translation services. A number of companies that specialize in customer service, staffing and online education also appear in the top 20 employers of remote workers for the year.

New to the list is Citrix, a software company whose services became essential to businesses shifting to remote work. Reynolds tells CNBC Make It the company's introduction to the list is an indication that Citrix not only successfully shifted to widespread remote work overnight, but it made a commitment to continue hiring virtually, and for remote positions that could outlast the circumstances of the pandemic.

"The biggest takeaway is that when companies switch to remote work and it works well, even in stressful and unusual times, they can learn to hire remotely rather than wait for the emergency situation to be done," Reynolds says. "It speaks to remote efficacy that allows companies to operate well even in the worst circumstances."

Meanwhile, 11 companies including Dell, CVS Health and Salesforce have been recognized in the FlexJobs top 100 companies list since it began in 2014, which Reynolds says recognizes their status as leaders supporting long-term flexible work. Dell, for example, set a goal in 2013 to enable 50% of its workforce to work flexibly by 2020, including by working remotely part- or full-time. (Roughly 60% of Dell employees had a flexible arrangement by 2019.)

"Companies like that show how large-scale, major companies and even global corporations can use remote work really well, and can deploy it in a way that meets strategic needs," Reynolds says. "They're the ones I recommend managers and companies look at as they chart their own remote workforce going forward.

"A lot of people feel like remote work really got its footing in 2020," she continues, "but these companies show it's been around for a long time, and they've been able to do it well for a number of years."

Here are the top 20 companies hiring for remote jobs in 2021, according to FlexJobs, along with the full list of the top 100 companies here.

1. Lionbridge

Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts

Industry: Translation services

Remote jobs: Media search analyst, web content assessor, education consultant


Headquarters: Englewood, Colorado

Industry: Customer service

Remote jobs: Marketing analytics consultant, service delivery director, technical support representative

3. LiveOps

Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

Industry: Customer service

Remote jobs: Client results associate, learning facilitator associate, digital communications specialist

4. Working Solutions

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Industry: Customer service

Remote jobs: Educational sales consultant, hospitality customer service representative, tax software customer service representative

5. Kelly Services

Headquarters: Troy, Michigan

Industry: Staffing

Remote jobs: Staffing recruiter, special education teacher, computer programmer

6. Williams-Sonoma

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Industry: Retail

Remote jobs: Customer service agent

7. TranscribeMe

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Industry: IT services

Remote jobs: Transcriptionist, financial analyst, copywriter

8. Sutherland Global Services

Headquarters: Pittsford, New York

Industry: Customer service

Remote jobs: Client representative, chat sales and tech support associate, customer care support

9. Robert Half International

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Industry: Staffing

Remote jobs: Java developer, tax preparer, customer service representative

10. Transcom

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Industry: Customer service

Remote jobs: Technical support advisor, operations manager, HR coordinator

11. UnitedHealth Group

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Industry: Health care

Remote jobs: Incident manager, clinical administrative coordinator, data analyst

12. Cactus Communications

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Industry: Communications

Remote jobs: Editor

13. Citrix

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Santa Clara, California

Industry: Software

Remote jobs: Executive assistant, networking sales specialist, technical account manager

14. Education First

Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Industry: Education

Remote jobs: English language teacher, international language teacher

15. Randstad

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Industry: Staffing

Remote jobs: Onboarding specialist, software developer, HR coordinator

16. K12

Headquarters: Herndon, Virginia

Industry: Education

Remote jobs: Teacher, literacy coach, high-school counselor

17. Supporting Strategies

Headquarters: Beverly, Massachusetts

Industry: Operational support and bookkeeping

Remote jobs: Accountant, bookkeeper

18. Aerotek

Headquarters: Hanover, Maryland

Industry: Staffing

Remote jobs: Graphic designer, call center agent, financial analyst

19. Kforce

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Industry: Staffing

Remote jobs: Windows developer, consumer collections specialist, call center agent

20. Belay

Who gets paid more than $200,000 at a part-time job? Some former SEPTA managers - WHYY

Posted: 04 Feb 2021 03:10 AM PST

More than two dozen retired SEPTA staffers were paid upwards of six-figures for hourly "part-time" work last year, even as the agency grappled with a looming budget crisis caused by COVID-19. Although SEPTA officials described the positions as "transitional," some of the part-timers have raked in cash for many years, while simultaneously collecting pension benefits.

A records request filed by WHYY's PlanPhilly last year uncovered 26 employees categorized as "part-time pensioners" on SEPTA's payroll at the end of the past fiscal year, ending in June 2020. The head of SEPTA's revenue and marketing department is currently one such employee: a retiree quickly hired back to work the same position as hourly part-timer earning over $200,000 a year, while also collecting a generous pension.

Andrew Busch, a spokesperson for SEPTA, said the practice began in 2013 to ensure a wave of retirements among the agency's older employees didn't disrupt multi-year projects, such as SEPTA Key.

"They've retired but they've been brought back because of their expertise," he said. "Part-time pensioners have been utilized to ensure that retirements and other staffing shortages would not interrupt scheduled construction and other improvement projects."

But Robert Strauss, an economics professor at Carnegie Mellon University, said part-time pension arrangements were controversial in public finance, as they enable senior employees to continue collecting a salary while cashing in on pension benefits that are tax-free in states like Pennsylvania.

"There are people that try to take an early retirement and then double-dip," he said. "There's a sensible argument for people, at time of retirement, moving to part-time status … And then there's outright corruption. People move out of positions of influence and then are kept in part-time administrative positions forever."

The positions are just a sliver of SEPTA's 9,400-strong workforce, but the handful of part-timers collectively cost the agency about $1 million during the previous fiscal year. While most made only modest sums, the majority went to just five individuals, who were each paid over $100,000 a year to work part-time, according to SEPTA records.

All were high-level managers before filing for retirement. Busch indicated that the top earner, former SEPTA marketing exec Dennis Hiller, was paid over $229,000 during the 2020 calendar year for overseeing the agency's Revenue, Ridership, Advertising & Sales department as a part-time employee. That's about three times to four times what the average SEPTA worker earns in a year for full-time work, and makes Hiller among the highest-paid employees in the organization despite being an hourly employee.

Joe Coccio, secretary-treasurer with Transport Workers Union Local 234, which represents 5,100 SEPTA blue-collar employees, described part-time arrangements won by Hiller and others as a perk for a "good old boy network" within the transit agency.

He compared the part-time jobs to programs like the city's Deferred Retirement Option Plan, which allows city employees to work up to four years as their pension benefits accumulate in an interest-bearing account, while still earning a city salary. But an unintended consequence has been elected officials who retire for a day, get a huge payout, win reelection and resume collecting a salary.

"We call it the 'SEPTA DROP program,'" Coccio said, of part-time pensioner jobs. "This is not an option for ordinary hourly workers, but a perk for management."

Busch said managers who retire earn about 60% of their averaged peak pre-retirement salary, meaning that former top staff like Hiller would earn in excess of $100,000 a year in pension payouts — with income earned from part-time work coming atop that base benefit. The spokesperson acknowledged there was no precise system for establishing the amount part-time workers were paid, but that former managers were more likely to score higher-paying post-retirement gigs.

"This varies by individual and their area of expertise," he said. "Pre-retirement salary is taken into consideration, as are a number of other factors, such as the market demand for the types of positions that need to be covered."

SEPTA has lost roughly $1 million a day over the course of the pandemic, driven by catastrophic ridership declines as COVID-19 forced passengers off public transit. Although the agency has not made severe budget cuts, SEPTA General Manager Leslie Richards has said the agency is considering service cuts and job reductions if ridership doesn't return. Earlier in the crisis, union and management clashed over benefits for workers reporting to frontline jobs during the pandemic, and at the end of 2020, the union threatened legal action over the agency's quarantine leave policy.

But while SEPTA said it has reduced the number of pensioners on salary, those blows have not yet led the agency to completely eliminate lucrative part-time positions.

An 'outlier' that raises red flags

Hiller was first hired by SEPTA in 1978 as a financial auditor and retired as Chief Officer of Revenue, Ridership, Advertising & Sales, according to his online resume. But not long after he retired in 2019, he was rehired for "part-time" employment in what was effectively the same job.

Busch said that Hiller had logged nearly a full-time schedule, necessitated by the need for continuity amid the troubled implementation of the SEPTA Key farecard, and for other projects the retiree had overseen, including fare restructuring and the implementation of free transfers.

"It may be an outlier for what is technically a part-time position," he said, of Hiller's role. "But the Key and some of the things they're working on are unique. And it's not forever."

But Strauss said arrangements like Hiller's still raised some red flags: high-level employees in largely administrative positions — as opposed to, say, skilled technicians — occupying high-salaried "transitional" roles for years.

"The question is the duration of time," he said. "When you're talking about the long-term — years — and they're still making a lot of money, the question is what are they doing that requires that amount of money."

According to SEPTA, some retired employees have been repeatedly renewed for part-time work for far longer than Hiller, in one case for nearly seven years.

Payroll records indicate a former engineer that oversaw SEPTA's long-running Positive Train Control safety project was classified as a part-time employee from 2013 through 2020. During the previous fiscal year, he earned $122,800 for part-time labor.

Busch said the former engineer was among the first part-time pensioners and cast this particular arrangement, which ended last year, as a cost-saving move over hiring a more costly technical consult.

"He had expertise, he could have retired here and then gone on to work as a consultant and made a lot more money," he said. "We were fortunate to get them to stay here."

Still, the spokesperson said the number of part-time pensioners had been reduced from over two dozen to just eight positions within the last year. But, notably, these include three of the five highest salaried part-timers from the prior fiscal year, including Hiller, and another employee that has continuously worked part-time since filing for retirement nearly six years ago (Busch said Hiller and several others were expected to conclude their employment later this year).

Strauss, who has studied public agencies in Pennsylvania for decades, said he was unsurprised that SEPTA, which has grappled with allegations of theft by managers, overtime juicing, and other chronic cost overruns, seemed to be in no hurry to trim certain costly part-time jobs.

"The problem with SEPTA is that it's always been something of a cesspool," he said.

Amazon officially confirmed 230 new jobs and $24 million facility in Lubbock - KLBK | KAMC |

Posted: 01 Feb 2021 08:16 AM PST

LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) announced the expansion of Amazon in Lubbock during a press conference Monday.

LEDA confirmed that Amazon will bring 230 new jobs to Lubbock with two facilities including a $24 million location in the Lubbock Business Park. carried the press conference live. Use the video link above to watch a replay.

LEDA referred to Amazon as, "an international leader in technology and online retail."

In addition to the 230 new full-time jobs, there will be several hundred part-time jobs. reported on December 1 that construction permits were requested.

JOB POSTINGS for Amazon in Lubbock are listed here: Follow the link and scroll down to the featured postings.

LEDA said 200 new full-time jobs will come to the facility in the business park with 150 – 200 part time jobs as well. The business park location is under construction and expected to be fully operational by the end of the year.

Amazon will establish a delivery station in Northwest Lubbock — creating 30 full time jobs, plus 70 – 90 part time jobs. The location is leased and those jobs are already posted, LEDA said.

"I don't think this will be last of this type of announcement in our community in the months to come," said City Council Member Steve Massengale.

Partnership creates virtual job fair to fill openings at mall - Mid-Hudson News

Posted: 04 Feb 2021 06:42 AM PST

MIDDLETOWN – The Galleria at Crystal Run is partnering with the Orange County Career Center to help businesses within the shopping center find qualified candidates to fill more than 30 open positions from 15 businesses within the mall.

Many positions are immediately available and include a mix of both permanent and part-time positions, with additional employment opportunities being added to the Center's Virtual Job board online daily. Prior to the pandemic, the Galleria at Crystal Run employed over 1,800 local residents.

The Orange County Career Center is a long-time community partner of Galleria at Crystal Run and provides resources and services to individuals seeking employment and to businesses looking to build their workforce. They have locations in Middletown and in Newburgh that offer all services for free.

"Many of our tenants are ready to hire and have been searching for qualified employees for a long time," said Eric Price, General Manager at Galleria at Crystal Run. "We are excited for our new partnership with Orange Works. This partnership will help match local residents with open job opportunities and offer our tenants extra assistance in filling their job openings."

"We are looking forward to working together to connect job seekers with employers ready to fill open positions immediately," said Stephen Knob, Director, Orange County Employment & Training Administration.

"Previously, it had been challenging to find qualified candidates. I believe we will be able to fill our open positions right away and am grateful for the important partnership between the Galleria at Crystal Run and Orange Works," said Omar Mustafa, Manager at Boost Mobile.

There are positions available for people with all types of experience, education, and skill levels. Full and part-time jobs including Managers, Sales Associates, Key Holders, Maintenance, and Servers are available. For a full list of openings, visit or

Amazon reportedly requiring 10-hour overnight shifts for some workers - The Verge

Posted: 04 Feb 2021 09:54 AM PST

Amazon recently told workers at its in DCH1 warehouse in Chicago they had to take 10-hour overnight shifts at a new warehouse or risk losing their jobs, according to a new report from Motherboard.

The shifts, known as "megacycle" shifts, typically begin around 1AM and end around lunchtime. The DCH1 warehouse used to have a variety of shifts including an eight-hour overnight shift, a five-hour morning shift, or a four-hour morning shift. But DCH1 is shutting down, the company told workers. Amazon spokesperson Jen Crowcroft said the company was not only asking associates at DCH1 to change to a single shift type, however. "We offer a wide range of job opportunities at Amazon sites and we are working with each associate directly on the option that best supports them," she said in a statement emailed to The Verge.

The shifts are meant to improve efficiency, according to Motherboard, and workers at delivery stations in other cities have already transitioned to the new megacycle shifts, along with half of Amazon's last-mile delivery network.

"We are excited to have recently launched three new, next generation delivery stations for DCH1 employees where they can continue to work and grow as an integral part of the Amazon team in state-of-art facilities," Crowcroft said. "Our associates are the heart and soul of our operations, and we are happy to continue to offer great, flexible career opportunities in world class facilities."

DCH1 Amazonians United, a group representing Amazon workers at DCH1, said the new schedule was "unworkable" for many of the warehouse employees. Ten-hour shifts are not uncommon at Amazon warehouses, and many warehouse employees are part-time workers not eligible for benefits.

Warehouse workers have criticized Amazon for how the company has treated them during the coronavirus pandemic. Workers in New York, Chicago, and Detroit staged walk-offs last spring, which pushed the company to do temperature checks and provide masks, offer partial pay in some instances when it sends sick employees home, and implement cleaning protocols to protect its workers from becoming infected. The company has largely dismissed most of the workers' complaints as "unfounded," with executives insulting one fired worker who helped organize a strike at its Staten Island facility last year.

Update February 4th, 1:21PM ET: Added comment from Amazon spokesperson

Update February 4th, 3:52PM ET: Added further comment from Amazon


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