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Zoning move frets owners of North Little Rock historic site - Arkansas Online

Zoning move frets owners of North Little Rock historic site - Arkansas OnlineZoning move frets owners of North Little Rock historic site - Arkansas OnlinePosted: 31 Aug 2020 02:47 AM PDT North Little Rock has approved an ordinance rezoning property to allow for industrial development within the city, but some residents want to make sure officials don't forget about history for the sake of progress.The City Council voted unanimously last week to approve an ordinance that rezoned property located at 13001 Highway 70 from single family to light industrial at the request of Thomas Engineering Company.Company officials told the City Council plans for the property haven't been finalized, but it is estimated the development will bring 500 jobs to the city.Jane Cather Nilz and John Cather, siblings who own the Alexander Schaer House, emailed their concerns to the City Council about the potential development before a vote was taken. They spoke about their family roots in the area, which…

Stay-at-home-mom depression is a real thing - Motherly Inc.

Stay-at-home-mom depression is a real thing - Motherly Inc.Stay-at-home-mom depression is a real thing - Motherly Inc.Parents are at a breaking point as they try to cope with getting kids back to school - CNBCFrom Top Model to CEO: Meet Nashville's Emily Sandberg Gold - StyleBlueprintStay-at-home-mom depression is a real thing - Motherly Inc.Posted: 31 Aug 2020 07:15 AM PDTWe let them eat the last chicken nugget on our plate. We wear last year's shoes because they need new ones. We spend hours brushing down cowlicks and braiding little pigtails, and then 2.5 seconds on our own top bun. There are so many, many ways we put our children first, but stay at home parents also need to prioritize their own mental health.Stay-at-home-mom depression is a real thing. While devoting one's self to parenting can be a dream come true for many people it is also very hard. Harder than a lot of people who haven't done it can understand. And it can also be isolating. The pandemic ma…

3 Reasons Why a Strong Purpose Is a Good Business Idea - Entrepreneur

3 Reasons Why a Strong Purpose Is a Good Business Idea - Entrepreneur3 Reasons Why a Strong Purpose Is a Good Business Idea - EntrepreneurHBR's The Big Idea: What is an office for? - Memphis Business Journal - Memphis Business JournalForward-Thinking Business Ideas to Look at Getting Into | CoFounder - CoFounder MagazineNC calendar preview: 50+ events to add to your September schedule - WRAL Tech Wire3 Reasons Why a Strong Purpose Is a Good Business Idea - EntrepreneurPosted: 10 Aug 2020 12:00 AM PDT August 10, 2020 6 min readOpinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.Most entrepreneurs enter that space because they want to create a positive impact on the world. They have a purpose and a mission. They see a problem; they find a way to solve it. The reasons why we do the things that we do are everything.However, it can be all too easy to lose sight of this as we go further down the road. As investors demand returns, or as revenue demands become more pressing.…

Electric car costs to remain higher than traditional engines - Financial Times

Electric cars will remain significantly more expensive for European carmakers to produce than combustion engine models for at least a decade, according to new research.Data compiled by consultancy Oliver Wyman for the Financial Times found that while the total cost of manufacturing a compact emissions-free vehicle will fall by more than a fifth by 2030, to €16,000, this will still represent a 9 per cent gap when compared with petrol or diesel models.The findings highlight the threat to the profit margins of groups including Germany’s Volkswagen and France’s PSA, even as the price of electric car batteries — their most expensive component — is set to almost halve over the next few years.European carmakers, faced with a sharp decline in overall demand for their legacy products in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, are set to unveil dozens of new electric cars over the next few years.“There can be money made from electric vehicles, but it will be lower than [petrol and diesel models] histo…

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