My Employment Options Shares Opportunities and Basic Requirements for Working at Home During Quarantine - Benzinga

My Employment Options Shares Opportunities and Basic Requirements for Working at Home During Quarantine - BenzingaMy Employment Options Shares Opportunities and Basic Requirements for Working at Home During Quarantine - BenzingaPosted: 02 Apr 2020 12:00 AM PDTCould the COVID-19 quarantine be a Work At Home career turning point?DALLAS (PRWEB) April 02, 2020Expertise has never been needed more for those entering the remote job market. Paula Vieillet, President and CEO of My Employment Options, Inc., and her virtual staff across the country have been placing people with disabilities in remote positions for over a decade.As a trusted partner with large work from home companies, our focus has been helping pre-screen people with disabilities and assessing their aptitude to work remotely. It is different hiring people for work from home positions. Testing is essential and can make the difference between a good hire versus one that is unsuccessful. Customer service and tech support jobs have …

A decade in, Charleston solar-focused 'forever startup" pulls in new financing - Charleston Post Courier

A decade in, Charleston solar-focused 'forever startup" pulls in new financing - Charleston Post Courier

A decade in, Charleston solar-focused 'forever startup" pulls in new financing - Charleston Post Courier

Posted: 17 Feb 2020 04:00 AM PST

One of Charleston's most mature startup companies closed another round of funding in early 2020 and marked its 10-year anniversary.

Palmetto Clean Technology Inc. is one of the biggest tenants at the upper peninsula's Pacific Box & Crate development. Last year, it attracted new capital, completed a nationwide expansion of its business and grew its Charleston office. 

Chris Kemper

Chris Kemper, CEO of Palmetto Clean Technology Inc., founded the company in 2009. Provided/Chris Kemper

The company works with customers directly and with companies that sell solar panel and energy storage systems. CEO Chris Kemper described the company's technology as a "utility savings platform" that roughly 4,000 small companies now use. 

Palmetto can show homeowners how they can save money by installing solar, he said. The firm's platform also serves to help solar installation businesses with design tools, financing, logistics, customer relations and project management. 

SC conservation group signs easement to protect land at new solar farm

For example, the company has a 30,000-foot training and staging center where it can conduct demonstrations.

Kemper said his own home is off-the-grid. His early career in the climate mitigation field took him both to the World Bank and the United Nations. 

Now, he's stressing Palmetto's clean energy mission. When he began to outline his plans for the company from London 10 years ago, Kemper said the reality of climate change didn't resonate with most of the population.

Ex-NBA commissioner among backers of a Charleston solar tech firm
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"It wasn't in vogue 10 years ago. We were an odd duck," Kemper said. "Now it's coming around."

Kemper says the company also has a philanthropic arm that works in climate advocacy. Recent donations include $10,000 to coal miners in Kentucky who had lost their jobs and $15,000 to help animals affected by the ecologically disastrous Australia wildfires.

Palmetto has served several thousand South Carolina residents, but its offices are across the country. California is its newest and one of its largest markets, Kemper said. Venture capital is helping to fuel some of that growth.

Palmetto formalized its relationship with Energy Impact Partners, which provides financing mainly in upstarts in the energy industry, last year. In early 2020, the firm upped its financial commitment by $20 million, doubling it to $40 million. 

Facing dire climate threats, Charleston has done little to reduce its carbon footprint

The company also announced recently it would begin selling a Tesla battery system that customers can install on their homes. For solar owners, the 251-pound "Powerwall" stores excess energy the panels generate  during peak hours instead of sending it to the grid. They're priced at about $6,500 each, and two are required for most installations. 

The Tesla technology can automatically detect when the grid cuts out, and will begin powering the home within minutes for at least several days.

For now, Palmetto is selling the system in three states: South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida. 

The "forever startup," as Kemper calls his upper King Street company, has also picked up at least three Tesla employees for its leadership team since late 2018. 

Is your startup eligible for the EIC Accelerator pilot? Get €15 million in funding, coaching & acceleration - EU-Startups

Posted: 17 Feb 2020 06:40 AM PST


Funding for R&D innovations, particularly for exploitation and commercialization efforts, has long been and still is, an issue in Europe compared to other innovation-led economies like the USA or China.

To tackle an insufficient availability of venture capital and push R&D startups through the risk of failure, the European Innovation Council (EIC) has launched in 2019 the EIC Accelerator pilot, which offers an attractive financing option (a combination of grant and equity) for startups and SMEs with a strong environmental or social impact. The pilot aims to support these impactful innovations at many stages of development, from pre-commercial, to market, to scale-up stage.

The EIC Accelerator offers successful startups the chance to receive:

  • Up to €2.5 million grant (70% of eligible project costs)
  • Up to €15 million of equity funding
  • Business acceleration
  • Coaching services, such as support in developing investment readiness, linking with private investors and customers, assistance in applying for further EU risk finance, and
  • A range of other innovation support activities (via the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)).

Is your startup eligible?

If you are a startup based in Europe, with a radically innovative and marketable product, with a potentially high societal and environmental impact, you could be eligible to benefit from this opportunity.

The application process can indeed be competitive. Applicants will first have to submit a paper-based proposal of their project that will be evaluated remotely by four independent experts. A selected number of proposals will be invited to Brussels to pitch in front of a jury. 

In order to understand if your startup has a good chance of success before investing time in the application process, as well as get advice throughout each stage, there are a number of consultancy firms that offer expertise.

EXEQ, a consultancy firm that specialises in helping startups apply for R&D public funding, can assess your eligibility, and support you in drafting, finalising and submitting a successful proposal. With 12 years industry experience, the firm is known for in-depth knowledge of funding schemes under Horizon 2020 and is capable of providing tailored and comprehensive advisory services throughout the grant obtaining process. 

We teamed up with EXEQ to offer you a free eligibility check for your startup. If your company is based in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland, or Slovakia, and you'd like to find out what your chances are of being accepted by the EIT Accelerator: Take the free eligibility check by filling out this form!

Wells Fargo Invests in Crypto Startup Elliptic - Finance and Funding - Altcoin Buzz

Posted: 17 Feb 2020 02:29 AM PST

Wells Fargo Invests in Crypto Startup Elliptic

Good news for Elliptic as popular bank Wells Fargo announces a major financial investment.

According to the announcement, Wells Fargo's venture division will be giving out an investment of $5 million to Elliptic. Elliptic is a startup dedicated to providing crypto risk management solutions.

Elliptic has been carrying out a series B financing round to improve its services of providing effective risk management solutions. This investment by Wells Fargo finalizes its Series B financing round to about $23 million. With SBI Holdings Inc. serving as one of Elliptic's major financiers during the series. One of the risk management start-up goals is to build and improve its newest invention "Elliptic Discovery". While also broadening its scope in Asia. Allowing banks to keep close tabs on their customer crypto habit and to decipher how much risk is involved.

James Smith, CEO of Elliptic, disclosed that the startup was pleased by the investment. Also adding that the partnership will facilitate seamless interaction with banks all over the world. Fostering understanding while providing better insight into the crypto asset space.

Smith added that it is his wish that everyone and every sector is actively involved with the crypto space. Hence his reason for Elliptic, as it is specially designed to include banks and other financial houses. Working with Elliptic will help banks easily foresee and prevent any form of risks linked to crypto usage.

MD of Wells Fargo, Basil Darwish also commented on the investment. Pointing out this his firm was glad to support Elliptic Series B financing round. Adding that they look forward to assisting Elliptic to achieve its proposed business.

Founded in 2013, Elliptic stands out in the crypto space. With its distinctive array of data and transaction monitoring tools.

Crypto regulation – A big issue

Proper and effective regulation of the crypto space is a major issue right now. According to reports, poor regulation is one of the drawbacks of crypto institutional investors. Andrew Yang, POTUS aspirant also disclosed that current crypto regulations are inadequate and ineffective. Investors and users are left to integrate safer means of trading crypto. Leaving institutions and banks with no choice but to stay away from cryptocurrency. Elliptic looking to remedy this has developed the first-ever software for tracking illegal crypto trades.

Institutions are also beginning to understand how important the crypto industry is. They can no longer turn a blind eye to this blossoming technology. They also understand there are risks involved and are therefore searching out ways to cancel out such risks.

Smith, however, pointed out that creating a favorable yet properly regulated environment for cryptocurrencies is the best course of action. Calling on regulatory bodies like the FATF, SEC, etc to revamp their regulatory guidelines

Adding that "It's no longer OK for a bank to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist […]. Crypto is here to stay and whether or not you want to participate in it, some of your customers will be."


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