Home-based business ideas to support yourself - HR News

Home-based business ideas to support yourself - HR News

Home-based business ideas to support yourself - HR News

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 03:52 AM PST

It is absolutely a viable option for those who need extra income to meet their monthly budget or entrepreneurs looking for some generous income by working from home. Starting a business at home is not that arduous in today's modern world as it is possible with the minimum resources you already possess. The sheer determination and will to reach high is more than enough for long-term sustainability in any business. Wondering how? Find out here!

Service-oriented business

You can simply bank on your skills and start converting into money by selling it. If you are around the house, let your friends and family know you are available to help them with repairs, painting, and other related services. As long as you have the equipment in place, it costs you nothing to access your network. There is plenty of service business ideas you can perform from pet sitting to organizing to tutoring. With a PC in your hand, you can start earning from web design, tutoring, writing, virtual assistant, and a lot more. Just find the people who need your services and are willing to pay you.

eBay and Amazon

One of the glorious aspects of eBay and Amazon is that you can start by selling the items currently cluttering your home and attic. You don't have to pay anything until after you have made a sale. The trick to success on eBay and Amazon is to find what goes well and at a good profit and then find a resource for more inventory. Moreover, eBay and Amazon are not the only options. There are many websites where you can sell your used and unwanted items to make money from home. Furthermore, you can also find some amazing sites for buying Scratchcards UK that offer you instant fun and excitement at your fingertips. 

eLearning content

If you possess ingeniousness in any subject matter or know plenty of people who are knowledgeable about something, then use that to your advantage. Setup a subscription-based service to train people. Offer them courses, complete with exercises and marked online quizzes. Finally, award them with certificates upon completion. Grow the business by finding other valid sources that can help you put together new courses on a wide range of subjects for kids and adults alike and expand your reach into new markets. As learning is shifting to the online medium, place yourself in a pole position.

Niche blogging 

Blogging can be a rewarding idea if you are passionate about your niche topic. Remember that depending on how well you present content to the audience, it is possible to make virtually any lifeless and wonderful topic fun, interesting and engaging. The general appeal of any article gets bolstered if presented in a more entertaining and fun approach. Use social media, SEO, and internet marketing to boost traffic volumes, engage with readers and earn their trust. Make money from advertising and affiliate links.

Speciality reviews 

If you love the aura of fine dining and expressing your views on taste, then you can take up reviewing local foods. Start a blog and begin reviewing local products and services. Do it wholeheartedly to grab the attention of local merchants and retailers as it may enhance the value of your review. Leverage that demand to make money as well as using ads and affiliate links to generate extra cash from readers.

Explore some other fresh ideas by coming together where you will inspire and exchange a fair deal of ideas. Start from scratch and multiply your success on the go.

Free Virtual Summit Teaches Entrepreneurs How to Break Into the $300 Billion Dollar Online Course Market - Maryville Daily Times

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 03:01 AM PST

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan 9, 2020--

Thinkific, the leading online course software platform, announced Amplify 2020, a free virtual summit designed to educate aspiring and existing entrepreneurs how to monetize their content and expertise through online courses.

(Photo: Business Wire)

Taking place on Jan. 13-16, more than 25 of the top industry leaders will share their secrets to business success through in-depth masterclasses and interviews. Speakers will cover how to build premium courses, sell education alongside physical goods, presell and validate ideas, earn PR, and market your business.

Ryan Serhant, the star of Million Dollar Listing New York, will discuss why, as one of the top realtors in New York City, he decided to create his own online course – and how he made it one of the most successful real-estate courses of all time. Tiffany Aliche, a personal finance expert will share how she went from school teacher to earning over $4 million through Live Richer Academy, an online course academy where she's taught over 20,000 students how to achieve financial freedom. Gwen Elliott of Shopify will share ways entrepreneurs can create and sell digital training alongside physical goods.

Attendees will come out of the summit knowing how to:

  • Monetize their existing content through online courses
  • Grow their audience, authority and email list
  • Create quality course content that drives student success
  • Implement proven marketing strategies to drive course purchases

"The online-education market is exploding, with it expected to reach $300 billion by 2025," says Thinkific CEO Greg Smith. "At Thinkific, we are excited to support those entrepreneurs who want to turn their expertise into a sustainable online business by providing the tools and guidance needed to make it a success."

To register for Amplify 2020, sign up on Thinkific to secure your spot, receive your summit workbook and get an exclusive Thinkific offer.

About Thinkific

Thinkific is a software that enables entrepreneurs to create, market, sell, and deliver their own online courses. Its mission is to revolutionize the way people learn and earn online by giving them the tools they need to turn their expertise into a sustainable business that impacts both them and their audience. To date, Thinkific has helped more than 40,000 entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide earn more than $200 million through online courses.

CONTACT: Izabela Socha



SOURCE: Thinkific

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Examples of Online Business Ideas - Entrepreneur

Posted: 24 Jul 2019 12:00 AM PDT

Do you want to start an online business? Then here are 10 examples of online business ideas you can learn from before you launch.

8 min read

You're reading Entrepreneur South Africa, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

Advancements in technology have enabled entrepreneurs to create businesses that are wholly operated in a digital environment, resulting in decreased overheads and the freedom to run a business on the move. Before you launch your business learn a few strategies from these examples of online businesses:

1. Online Store For E-Commerce And Drop Shipping

Do you like the idea of selling products online? You can open an online store to sell your own products, or you can re-sell products you bought through another online store.

Before you launch your online business, you'll first need to see what your competitors are doing, here is an example of an online business:

Business Name: Takealot.com

Website: https://www.takealot.com/

Established Date: 2011

About the business:

Takealot.com is one of the leading ecommerce retailers in South Africa, and one of the largest, most innovative ecommerce retailers in Africa. Their aim is to be the most customer-centric online shopping destination. 

Innovative business offering

Takealot.com also purchased Mr Delivery allowing them to own their logistics network and launched Mr D Food, their app-based on-demand food delivery service.

2. Building Apps

There continues to be a growing demand for new and creative apps. Taking the time to develop and sell smartphone apps can be a lucrative business idea. Before you launch your company, here is an example of an online business you can learn from:

Business Name: Codehesion

Website: https://codehesion.co.za/

About the business:

Codehesion offers web development services where they build world class cloud-based applications. They also offer mobile development for clients wanting to build iOS and Android applications.

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Innovative business offering

Their agile development approach ensures they can create software quickly and frequently reassess and adapt the design to ensure they swiftly start adding value to their client's businesses.

3. A Digital Product Or Course

Creating a digital product or course is a way to monetise your experience/ specialised skills. You'll need to compile an eBook or webinar of your courses and earn money passively through them.

Before you get started you can learn a few lessons from this example of an online business:

Business Name: Creative School of Business

Website: https://www.redandyellow.co.za/online-ed/

About the business:

Creative School of Business offers Red & Yellow, a business school where students of all ages can go to develop the career skills they need to thrive in this digital world.

This business school focuses on equipping their students for the realities and exciting opportunities of the 21st Century, that will arise from the digital explosion and ever-increasing pervasiveness of technology.

Innovative business offering

Besides the online courses and diplomas, they also offer a physical school for students looking to learn full-time on campus.

4. Chatbot Making

Chatbots are designed to simulate conversations with online customers. Using free and user-friendly programmes you can design them yourself. Before you start your own chatbot making business, you first need to know what your competition is doing. Here is an example of an online business you can gather insights from:

Business Name: Intercom

Website: https://www.intercom.com/

Established Date: 2011

About the business:

Intercom assists businesses with custom chatbots that will qualify leads, help to book more meetings and increase sales and marketing. 

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The benefits of their chatbots is that they're developing leads 24/7, they have code-free customisation, they accelerate sales cycles and grow businesses beyond human limits.

Innovative business offering

Intercom provides a range of online products that modern internet businesses can use to accelerate their growth through the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, to engagement and support.

5. Buying And Selling Domain Names

You can buy domain names (website addresses) you think will become popular and sell them after they becomes popular. If you have the right knowledge and skills, you can launch this online business idea. Here is an example of this online business idea you can learn some strategies from:

Business Name: Starfire Holdings

Website: https://www.starfireholdings.com/

About the business:

Starfire Holdings offer professional and discreet domain name acquisitions services to help their clients secure premium domain names for their businesses. They also assist their clients with advice and expertise with buying or selling a domain name.

Innovative business offering

In addition to the above services, Starfire Holdings also offers a comprehensive service from initial contact through to the closing of escrow.

6. Creating A Profitable Blog

A blog has very specific type of content, which you can monetise and earn income from. If you're a talented writer and have a lot of high-quality content you can post on your blog, this might be the online business idea for you.

Before you get started here are a few insights you can learn from this example of an online business:

Business Name: The Adventure Junkies

Website: https://www.theadventurejunkies.com/

About the business:

The Adventure Junkies has six different pages focusing on extreme sports, such as diving, hiking, paddling, scuba diving, snow sports and mountain biking.

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Each section contains a Facebook forum and information about gear, clothing, techniques and training.

Innovative business offering

In addition to all of this information they sell tangibles such as clothing and gear through affiliated links, which is where they generate most of their income.

7. Become A Virtual Assistant

Every business needs help with the day-to-day administrative tasks. If you have a talent for this type of work, you can become a virtual assistant. They perform duties, such as paying bills, making travel arrangements, managing expense reimbursements.

Before you launch your business, here is an example of an online business you can learn from:

Business Name: Outsourcery

Website: https://outsourcery.co.za/

Established Date: 2005

About the business:

Outsourcery was founded by Richard Walton who after struggling to find a great virtual PA service to manage his busy life, decided to launch his own business. Since its launch, they have rapidly expanded to assist busy entrepreneurs in leading more productive lives.

Innovative business offering

In addition to virtual assistant services, Outsourcery also offer virtual bookkeepers, content writers, webmasters and in-office staff.

8. Website Flipping

Since customers use a business' website to decide whether they want to buy from them or not, a websites appearance and interactivity can determine its success. If you have skills and experience improving and optimising websites, this could be the online business idea for you.

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You can purchase an underperforming website, optimise it and sell it for a profit. Before you launch your business, you can learn a thing or two from this example of an online business:

Business Name: WebDevine

Website: https://www.webdevine.co.za/

Established Date: 2003

About the business:

WebDevine assists their clients in developing a competitive edge through website improvements and optimisation. They will also add in marketing techniques to ensure their customers bring in more traffic and convert them to sales.

Innovative business offering

WebDevine is a one-stop shop for all their clients web design and development needs, including web and email hosting, online advertising, branding, social media management and mobile/web applications.

9. Online Real Estate Investing

Online real estate investing platforms now exist, and they enable anyone to invest a percentage into a property instead of the whole amount. If you have the right skills, you can start your own online business.

Before you launch your business, learn a few strategies from this example of an online business:

Business Name: Real Estate Crowdfunding

Website: https://realestatecrowdfunding.co.za/recf/

About the business:

Real Estate Crowdfunding offers its clients lower fees, the option to invest in a development nearby and transparency, which enables their customers to find out more about projects before investing.

Innovative business offering

Real Estate Crowdfunding has been designed to give their clients a platform to help raise funds for property investment and/or to participate in property investment opportunities.

10. Online Transcription Platform

Online transcription platforms offer money for your ability to transcribe their audio files. If you are a fast typist and can understand multiple accents transcription services could be the online business for you.

Before you launch your business, you'll need some experience, but also some insights from a successful online business:

Business Name: AfroLingo

Website: https://afrolingo.co.za/camp/translation-services/

About the business:

AfroLingo offers audio and video transcription services to their clients along with 24/7 customer service to ensure their clients across the world are always supported.

Innovative business offering

In addition to their transcription services, AfroLingo has more than 10 years of experience translation over 70 languages. They are experienced subject matter experts in every major African and MENA language. 

Additionally, they offer proofreading, website and app localisation services and desktop publishing.

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7 Online Business Ideas To Try in 2019 - Forbes

Posted: 21 May 2019 12:00 AM PDT

Having an online business is quite possibly one of the greatest ways to make a living. The laptop lifestyle allows you to create an income with just a computer and a phone, and is a freedom like none other. It's a ton of work, don't get me wrong, but you get to forgo a commute, office politics, showers…

You'll certainly put in more hours than you'd ever imagine, but the ability to work from your home office, kitchen table, coffee shop, local library, etc., is what attracts most people to the laptop lifestyle. If you are still trying to find that online business idea, maybe to supplement your income or get you fully out of your 9-5, here are a few to consider.

Deposit Photos

Digital Traffic Manager

Digital marketing is a lot bigger than just social media. Brands are looking for quality traffic, awareness and exposure. While that includes social media, it also includes guest blogging, press, content creation and the like. This takes a lot of skill and organization to manage it all and that's why companies are looking for help. If you are savvy, you can create a strategic plan to drive traffic to someone's website beyond just SEO.

eCommerce Store

Having an eCommerce store has become easier thanks to drop shipping and it's big business. (Psst... Wayfair is a drop shipping website and they are killing it.) Platforms like Shopify, Oberlo and AliExpress make setting up your online store a breeze. The key then is to drive a lot of traffic to your website and optimize for conversion.

Website Creation

With platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify, etc., creating a website is easier than ever if you have a little tech savvy. You don't have to know how to code in order to learn one of these platforms and set up websites for companies. Creating a website for a business is really selling time. It's not anything that they can't do themselves, but most lack the time to learn. Get good at a couple of these platforms and sell speedy websites.


Content marketing is really important to most online businesses and the creation of that content can be daunting. If you have some background in SEO and are able to write smart, compelling articles - companies will pay. Most content writers charge 10 cents per word, so a 3000 word article would garner you $300. Get a few clients and write a few articles a week and you've got a sweet little hustle.

eBook Author

Do you like to write? Self publishing can be a very successful venture if you are disciplined to pump out a lot of content. James Scott Bell writes a ton of fiction books, but also a ton of books about how to write fiction books. Not only is he making a living on writing books, but also how to write books. You most likely have knowledge you can share - self publishing is a great way to make something once and get paid over and over again.

Bookkeeping Service

If you are good with numbers, you are my hero. A lot of business owners hate this part of their business and love to pass it to someone who loves it. If you are great with numbers and super organized, you should have no problem finding clients.

Online Workshops/Classes 

Online courses are fabulous, but online workshops are getting really popular. Access to you for a block of time is really valuable to a workshop attendee. Neville Medora, founder of Kopywriting Kourse, does this a lot to better serve his students and make a great profit. Offering a specific time to be online forces people to actually show up and take in what you're teaching as opposed to an evergreen course that can be taken at any time.

It's important to note that none of these online businesses will work without customers - you must learn how to market your online business, become a student of marketing and brand yourself.


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