“Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2020 - Forbes” plus 2 more

“Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2020 - Forbes” plus 2 moreNext Billion-Dollar Startups 2020 - ForbesWin a Wild Card to compete in Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2020 - TechCrunchInterview with an angel: Why early-stage startup funding is still up for grabs, and how to get your hands on it - SmartCompany.com.auNext Billion-Dollar Startups 2020 - ForbesPosted: 28 May 2020 03:44 AM PDTFor the sixth year in a row, Forbes has teamed up with TrueBridge Capital Partners to search the country for the 25 fastest-growing venture-backed startups most likely to reach a $1 billion valuation. TrueBridge asked 300 venture capital firms to nominate the companies they thought were most likely to become unicorns, while Forbes reached out directly to more than 100 startups. Then came the deeper look, as we analyzed finances for roughly 140 of them and interviewed founders. This list represents the 25, in alphabetical order, that we think have the best shot of reaching the billion-dollar mark.Edited byAmy …

Local co-working space hopes to give $20K grant to female entrepreneur - 1011now

Local co-working space hopes to give $20K grant to female entrepreneur - 1011now

Local co-working space hopes to give $20K grant to female entrepreneur - 1011now

Posted: 11 Oct 2019 02:23 PM PDT

LINCOLN, Neb. Starting a business on your own can be difficult, especially for women.

Arrive Community + Coworking is located at 3883 Normal Blvd, #204 in Lincoln. (Source: KOLN)

A recent study shows that Nebraska ranks last for female entrepreneurs but one local co-working space is hope to take its success and support in the Lincoln community and pass it on.

Arrive Community + Coworking launched in August, aimed at being a space where business women and entrepreneurs have a regular work space and a support system.

Now, they are hoping you can help make more dreams come true.

Don't let the pink accents, floral arrangements and faux fur inside the co-working space fool you, these women are getting down to business.

"It's a space for women to work but it's also a community," said Eva Prettyman, co-founder of Arrive. "We've got 3,200 square feet, private offices, drop-in work areas, conference room and events."

Prettyman along with Katie Krivolavek, another local entrepreneur and owner of KidsPark are looking to give back.

"We have so many awesome women in our community with so many great ideas," said Krivolavek.

"We are going to crowd fund a $20,000 grant," said Prettyman. "We're going to accept entries from local women who have business ideas or maybe already have a business and want to take it to the next level."

The grant will go toward office space, legal and accounting services, business coaching, branding package and childcare.

The applicants will be vetted through a committee and then it will be up to community members to vote on the finalists to decide who receives the grant.

"We wanted to help support those women and get those ideas up and going," said Krivolavek.

The women say that the support and community they found in the space is something they hope more women in Lincoln and beyond can achieve with this grant.

"It's so important when you're starting your own business to get advice from people," said Krivolavek. "To have someone tell you that you are doing the right thing or oh wait maybe that's not such a great idea and to have somebody that has some experience to help you out."

The winner will be announced in January 2020.

Click here for information on how to donate.

What Women Really Want From Their Employers - Entrepreneur

Posted: 11 Oct 2019 08:00 AM PDT

Insights from four successful female leaders.

6 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Last year, I received the iconic Turquoise Pantone 1837 Blue box as a bonus gift from a Fortune 500 company. Inside was a handwritten, congratulatory note and a gift certificate for $1,500 to Tiffany & Co. It provided a woman's name and phone number to call for personal concierge service, along with an option to take the gift certificate directly into a store to select a piece of my liking. It was the most memorable bonus gift I had ever received.

I emphasize memorable because I have earned a performance bonus of $1,500 or more several times throughout my professional career, and while it's incredible to receive "unexpected" cash, or achieve a bonus that you have been chasing, it was the creativity and personalization of this gift that made me feel appreciated and empowered. 

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It's no secret that working women seek flexibility and want to be rewarded and judged on deliverables, as opposed to how much time we spend at the office. We also seek equal pay, in particular for women of color. While these issues continue to play out, it is promising to see more companies shifting their efforts to prioritize company culture, as evidenced by examples like this terrific, supportive note that a Chicago-area CEO sent to his employees to demonstrated that he understood they have personal lives. 

So, what else do women really want from their employers? I checked in with four female business leaders, authors and TV personalities on the topic, and here are their ultimate insights.

1. Go beyond meeting my expectations.

"Enlightened employers go beyond meeting the basic needs of their employees and seek to truly understand how to engage them," says Denise Lee Yohn, brand leadership expert and author of the book FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World's Greatest Companies. "By connecting what's personally important to someone with the purpose and values of the organization, companies create meaningful relationships with employees and align their efforts with the brand."

Yohn elaborates, "An example would be how Airbnb opens the café in its headquarters to employees' families, even for dinner. This helps working parents, as they don't have to worry about rushing home to prepare a meal or to spend time with their children. And it is a terrific expression of Airbnb's brand mission -- to help you feel that you belong anywhere -- and its core value of hospitality. 

2. The value of my work is personal to me.

Carrie Bobb, President of Carrie Bobb & Co, a real estate firm that works with women-focused brands such as Soul Cycle, DryBar and Sephora, remarks, "Exceptional employees, the most valuable assets for an employer, want to know they matter and that the work they are creating is meaningful and will last beyond their time spent at the company. It must be personal. During extremely difficult situations or in the midst of managing a crisis, it is critical to have empathy. Not just express empathy, actually have it. There's a difference. Often in large corporations, there are so many people involved in the messaging itself that the heart can get lost in translation. Employees want to be heard and understood, and they can tell the difference between a manager expressing the message the company wants to deliver and a manager actually expressing they care for the individual." 

3. Ask my opinion. 

Jenna Wolfe, the host of Fox sports show First Things First and a former Today lifestyle correspondent, offers a sincere and direct perspective. "I've worked in television for 23 years, the bulk of which have been as a sportscaster in a male-dominated field," she explains. "The happiest of them have been when I felt appreciated, respected and valued. I want to know that you need me, that you want me and that I make a difference. Ask me my opinion, let me sit in on content meetings, listen to my ideas and show me you'll actually implement the ones which can help us grow. Don't get me wrong — a raise is nice. An extra vacation day never hurts. And I'm always down for a gift card to any sports apparel store. But for me, as a woman who comes to a sports office every day well read and well prepared, there's nothing that makes me happier than commanding the respect of the people I work with." 

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4. Everyone likes to feel included.

Gina Smith is the president of Rauxa, a woman-founded and led advertising agency owned by Publicis Groupe, and says she prioritizes being empathetic to a diverse group of women. She says, "We have always operated from the perspective that every employee deserves empathy, transparency and the knowledge that everyone's ideas are valid regardless of who they are. So it's not just about meeting the needs of female employees -- although that's critically important -- but also about age, experience, gender, orientation, color and every other area of inclusion."

Each of these testimonies reinforces that women want to feel valued, respected and understood, and there are numerous ways for employers to demonstrate that. Meaningful, thoughtful and personal gestures will go a long way and create a lasting impression. As a company founder of a female agency, I personally love to reward my team with personal gifts or self-care items that they would not spend on for themselves, such as a massage or yoga membership, and by empowering them to take on more of a leadership role. 

For the curious, with the Tiffany's gift certificate, I purchased a Paloma Picasso necklace that reads "LOVE," a value that I prioritize in both my work and daily life. I wear this necklace almost every day and I never forget where it came from. In today's fast-paced business world, it's key to treat your employees like people, not transactions, because everyone can always use a little more love, all while moving up the leadership ranks.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Women in Business Expo 2019 - The Fintech Times

Posted: 10 Oct 2019 05:00 AM PDT

By Christie Day

If you are wondering why you should join the thousands of women set to visit the first ever event dedicated to Women in Business, here are our ten top reasons…

Be Inspired

Making a career-changing decision isn't easy. Getting inspiration will spur your 'can-do' attitude and help you to make the right, informed choices about your professional future. We recognise both the challenges and opportunities facing women in the world of business which is why we are confident that every visitor who attends the event will leave feeling inspired. WIB Expo will provide inspiration in many forms – from our headline speakers Karren Brady, Michelle Mone and Caprice Bouret, to the 80+ talks from various business experts and more than 150 exhibitors from all the key industry sectors.

Seek Support

What stage are you at career-wise? You might want to progress in the corporate world, improve your own company's sales or perhaps exploit your entrepreneurial ideas. At WIB Expo you will get all the advice you need to help you on your career or business journey. Most people lack skills in certain areas and seeking support can make a huge difference to your future success. From financial advice for prospective business owners to legal, accountancy and marketing support services for existing SMEs or even basic career guidance – we have experts on hand to support you at every level.

At WIB Expo you will get all the advice you need to help you on your career or business journey.

Get Motivated

Many of us are guilty of putting our personal and professional needs on the back-burner when other aspects of life take over. Now is the time to prioritise what you really want to achieve in your working life. WIB Expo could be the motivation you need to start planning your next move. Having the event date in your diary will focus your mind and give you a real incentive to assess your career ambitions.

Meet and Network

Networking can be an invaluable way to build both your confidence and contacts book. We may live in a digital world however face-to-face networking is still considered to be more powerful than virtual interactions. In fact, a recent study carried out in partnership with LinkedIn showed that 85% of jobs are actually filled through networking. At WIB Expo, we've created a Networking Hub, so you can talk to business experts and supportive employers with genuine job opportunities, or simply meet like-minded business women and connect with your peers.

a recent study carried out in partnership with LinkedIn showed that 85% of jobs are actually filled through networking.

Brush up your skills

If you've been on maternity leave, a career break or working in the same job role for a lengthy period, you could probably do with a confidence boost when it comes to recharging your career. At these times it makes sense to go back to basics and ensure you have a strong, well-written CV and the ability to standout during the interview process. At the event, there'll be a dedicated CV and interview clinic to hone those specific skills, as well as a range of theatre seminars to inspire women who are returning to the workplace.

Career Me-time

Think of it as the ultimate form of career self-help that will help you decide which path to take. If you're currently only able to grab a few snatched minutes researching your business idea or next career choice, just block out a single day to attend the event and gain some precious career me-time. We have childcare covered, if that is an issue, as there is a free crèche available at the venue. Many of our visitors who are still at the 'contemplation' stage of their career comebacks are bringing friends so they can make a day of it and explore the full range of job and business opportunities together.

Think of it as the ultimate form of career self-help that will help you decide which path to take.

Business Advice

There is a great deal of interest from women wanting to start their own business and those looking for support to get their business ideas off the ground. Currently, only a fifth of SME employers are female but this figure is expected to increase with more women stepping on to the self-employed career path. Starting and running a business is often a 'learn-as-you-go' process, from the initial brand building stage to filing accounts and growing sales. At the event, you can listen to, and ask for, expert advice in our various seminar sessions. As well as meeting key contacts, from service providers to finance companies, to support your new, or expanding, business.

Find a Franchise

Running a franchise is one of the biggest growth areas for female business owners and will be a key focus at our event. Entering into a franchise provides a tried and tested business model that can be up and running quickly with a greater chance of success. In many ways, it's a 'best of both worlds' business scenario, however many women struggle to find the right franchise that will fulfil their ambitions but also fit around their individual circumstances. The Women in Franchise area will have a free franchise matchmaking service as well as representatives from a multitude of sectors; B2B and B2C franchises, franchises for couples, part-time franchises, work at home mum's franchises and low cost franchises.

Running a franchise is one of the biggest growth areas for female business owners and will be a key focus at our event.

Time-saving Research

Many leading recruiters suggest that people looking to make a career transition need to spend 7 to 8 Hours per week for several weeks to prepare, research and network. Attending WIB Expo means you could finally seal your professional future in less than a day.

Instead of wasting numerous hours on research and planning while juggling with everything else, you will get all the support and resource you need by visiting the event.

Knowledge and know-how

It doesn't matter if you're a budding entrepreneur or a career-returner looking for a flexible job role – expanding your knowledge is a key part of achieving success. The event will help you to learn, exploit your ideas and open your eyes to other opportunities. The extensive seminar timetable has numerous sessions tailored to different elements of business – such as 'Quick hacks for marketing your product', 'Harnessing your potential' and 'The power of thinking big and overcoming limiting beliefs'. You can also build your knowledge and improve your know-how by exploring different industries in the dedicated Women in Tech and Women in Business zones.

Women in Business Expo 2019 takes place 16-17 October in Farnborough. To explore the timetable, headline speakers and exhibitor list or to register please see here.

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