What’s the Smartest Hiring Order for Startups? - Business 2 Community

What’s the Smartest Hiring Order for Startups? - Business 2 Community

What’s the Smartest Hiring Order for Startups? - Business 2 Community

Posted: 31 May 2019 03:41 PM PDT

You're the founder of your company; that's one employee down. You might have a co-founder as well, so make that two. Now what?

Early days at a new startup are exciting times, but they also tend to be lean times. You can't run out and hire the best executive team, salespeople, marketers, customer service reps, product designers, programmers, and human resources employees all at once. If you're to get there at all, you have to curate your team from day one.

Some founders tend to focus their hires in fields they understand. Technical founders, for example, often first search for programmers. Founders with sales backgrounds might think hiring salespeople matters most. Before you blow your payroll budget, though, think about all the functions your team has to cover. And above all, think about those you can't do alone.

Not sure where to start? Before you hire an entire coding camp or MBA program's graduating class, check out this list of the most critical startup hires:

1. Growth expert

You became an entrepreneur because you had an idea for a product or service that a market desperately needed. You and your co-founders might have the skills to build that, but do you know how to generate demand for it?

If not, bring a marketer on board right away. Engineers and salespeople are important, but your first port of call should be someone who can create and guide growth. It doesn't matter how revolutionary your invention is if nobody can find it.

Fortunately, this is a role you can fill on a part-time or contract basis. Consider bringing in an outsourced CMO. That way, you get expert-level marketing advice without an executive-level price tag.

2. Product master

Lots of startup leaders spend too much time working in their business and too little working on it. No matter how great a product manager you are, you can't steer the ship while trying to build the rudder. At small technical companies, the chief product engineer might own this role. At larger, service-focused ones, a production manager might be more appropriate.

In either case, pick a good communicator with a curious mind. Particularly before the minimum viable product is ready to ship, your product manager will be fielding lots of questions from staff, investors, and consumers alike.

3. Sales star

Stellar sales representatives cost money, but they more than justify their salaries with the revenue they bring in the door. Just be careful not to make that commission carrot too tempting. You don't want to bring somebody on board who cares about closing deals more than building the right initial client base.

Oceans of content have been written on what distinguishes strong and weak salespeople, but startups should search for one trait above all: versatility. Not many reps can juggle both inside calls and outside demos, but until you can afford a larger team, you need someone who can wear multiple hats.

Should you take on some sales responsibilities yourself? It depends. Many founders got where they are through their sales skills. If you plan to do your own sweet talking, focus your search on either inside or outside sales — whichever option you don't want to handle on your own.

4. Administrative mastermind

Finally, your startup needs someone who can keep everything running while you and the rest of your team focus on growth. This person's role should be somewhere between office manager and administrative assistant. He or she should be able to handle everything from utility bills to calendar support to team lunches.

For this role, look for the human embodiment of reliability. At the startup stage, a single unanswered investor call or forgotten permit application can be the beginning of the end. Ideally, your administrative helper should also be able to tackle basic HR functions like payroll.

Whatever you do, don't think of this person as a secretary. Transcribing meetings and scheduling coffee might be the least important part of his or her job. Instead, consider your assistant your second set of eyes and hands. He or she probably sees more of what goes wrong — and has more to do with solving it — than anyone else at your company.

Far more than established companies do, your startup needs A-level players at the right time and in the right seats. Your needs may vary depending on your size and industry, but at least you've got a blueprint for the path ahead.

Startup Jobs of the Week: Join tribe, summitto, Format, EU-Startups, or Leadout - EU-Startups

Posted: 31 May 2019 05:49 AM PDT


Looking for a fresh start? How about a new job in a new country? Startups throughout Europe are hiring for a range of positions, from developers to copywriters, project managers, office managers, and more. Check out the EU-Startups job board for a listing of over 400 jobs from up and coming startups across Europe. Below is just a small sample of some of the positions available in Europe's growing startup ecosystem:

Tribe-logoBerlin-based tribe is a new startup bringing conversational AI to life by giving it a human face for customer service and other applications. The startup is currently hiring for several positions including a Chief Operating Officer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Computer Vision Expert, Office Manager. Tribe offers a competitive salary, flexible work times, and a free gym membership.

summittoSummitto is an award-winning startup building the largest invoice registration network in the world, to help EU tax authorities to eliminate €50 billion in annual invoicing fraud. Based in Amsterdam, summitto is looking for a C++ Developer to help build a distributed systems consensus algorithm, blockchain data structures, fraud identification mechanisms, and a secure and authenticated interface. The right candidate will have large influence on the direction of summitto, and enjoy a competitive salary with stock options.

formatFormat is looking for an experienced Marketing Analyst to work remotely. From marketing program evaluations to the entire acquisition funnel, the right candidate will help to expose the insights, automate reporting, and perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) to help drive key marketing decisions.

EU-Startups-Logo-NewEU-Startups is seeking out an intern to work from its office in Barcelona or remotely to build its growing job board for a period of 3-4 weeks. The "Job Board Growth Hacker" will help conduct startup and data research, brainstorm, and come up with creative marketing ideas.

leadoutLeadout Oy is a startup based in Turku, Finland, and is looking for a part-time Finance Content Writer. Applicants should be fluent in Finnish and possess creative writing skills. Knowledge of Danish or Swedish is a plus.

By the way: If you're a startup CEO and also looking for some rockstar employees for your company, make sure to publish a job opening with us now. While basic job ads are free, Premium Job Ads are highlighted and always placed above Basic Job Ads, and are promoted via our 'Jobs of the Week' article and via Twitter (26,500 followers), Facebook (23,500 fans) and LinkedIn (3,000 followers) for €95, along with a money-back guarantee.


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