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startup jobs

startup jobs

These Are the 7 Newest Billion-Dollar Startups — and the 233 Jobs They're Hiring For - MONEY

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 07:50 AM PDT

Unicorns are a thing of fairy tales …except in the high-stakes world of Silicon Valley startups.

In 2019, seven different U.S. startups have already become so-called "unicorns," the term for a company whose valuation has soared past $1 billion, generally due to the success of its latest funding round.

The name was initially coined in 2013 because of how rare it was for startups to be valued at $1 billion — 39 companies fit the description at the time. Fast forward five years and that's no longer the case: In 2018 alone, 54 U.S. companies joined the club, according to a running list from CB Insights, a financing and investment database from startup directory platform Crunchbase. It's a combination of startups staying private longer (see: Uber) and more money being available in the market. The class of 2019 has already raised more than $2 billion, according to data pulled from Crunchbase. More money means more job openings, of course, and a startup provides plenty of opportunity for employee growth — and maybe even a slice of the pie, if and when the company goes public.

These companies are mostly looking for engineers or data scientists, since every company crossing that billion-dollar-line relies on technology in some way. And almost all are also looking for sales representatives and product managers to help them expand to attract more investors and cross that next milestone. But there are jobs in other fields too, depending on the company's specific needs.

Here's a snapshot of 7 of the hottest startups right now — and the jobs they're hiring for.


During the era of big data and privacy concerns, startup Collibra and its "data governance technology" is coming out on top. The platform helps companies make sure that they're within the parameters of the law when it comes to gathering and using consumer data such as email addresses or social security numbers.

The company was founded in 2008, but some pretty significant data privacy-related events from the last year — e.g. Facebook's privacy scandals and the European Union's stricter data protection regulations — helped Collibra become one of the first unicorns of 2019. It took 11 years for it to raise $134 million, and only the last year to raise $100 million more, putting its valuation at $1 billion as of January 2019.

The New York-based company is hiring for positions in New York City, Brussels, London, Paris, and other cities in Europe, Australia, and the U.S. It's currently in need of various engineers, product managers, accountants, customer service representatives, marketing professionals and sales representatives.


Calm, a startup aimed at helping people ease their minds through meditation, hit a milestone in February when it broke through the noise of today's meditation app market and became the first one to hit a $1 billion valuation.

Ironically, apps like Calm sought out to improve mindfulness as a response to the negative effects of screen time. For $60 a year, or a one-time payment of $300 for life, Calm provides users with a range of services, from Sleep Stories (A.K.A. adult bedtime stories, including one told by Matthew McConaughey) to thousands of meditation tutorials available via its app and website.

It wasn't the first of its kind when it came out in 2012, but so far Calm has established itself as the most highly valued. It's raised $116 million since its Series B funding round wrapped up in February, and it's hiring for a ton of positions, all based out of San Francisco. Calm is on the hunt for engineers and data scientists, administrative roles and recruiters, product managers, and sales representatives on the executive and non-executive levels.


Aurora is what happens when three experts from the self-driving programs at Google, Tesla, and Uber come together to start a company aimed at developing the technology for fully autonomous cars. Since its inception in 2016, car manufacturers like Hyundai and Volkswagen have partnered with it and — more recently — Amazon became an investor, contributing to its unicorn status.

Aurora has raised $620 million in only two funding rounds, $530 million of which came from the second round alone, notably led by Sequoia Capital. That didn't just make it a unicorn — it made Aurora's valuation twice that of any other 2019 unicorn, pushing its valuation past $2 billion.

Needless to say, Aurora is growing its workforce quickly. There are more than 50 open positions in the Bay Area or Pittsburgh, within seven departments: software engineering, hardware engineering, technical operations, strategy, partnership, product, and general and administrative (includes finance, IT, legal, and graphic design).

Health Catalyst

In February, digital health company Health Catalyst became the next startup to reach unicorn status. Its healthcare analytics apps help hospitals use the data they already to have in order to operate more efficiently, like the Data Operating System that provides AI-powered insights.

It's raised $377 million over the course of multiple rounds since 2008, and is hiring for jobs in Salt Lake City, UT and Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to engineer positions and a few executive-level openings, Health Catalyst is hiring interns as well as a senior writer for content marketing.


China-backed autonomous trucking company TuSimple is trying to commercialize self-driving trucks for long-distance trucking. Its trucks are making multiple fully autonomous trips a day on multiple different routes, with two "safety engineers" — one in the truck, one back at HQ.

It plans on ramping up this year, and investors are here for it: The $95 million it brought in this February means it's raised a total of $178 million since 2015, which puts TuSimple at a $1.09 billion valuation.

The company is hiring a number of software engineers, a couple of hardware engineers, and both mechanical and electrical engineers — all of the elements needed to build a self-driving truck. But it's also on the lookout for a number of professionals in research and development (including interns), as well as employees in its human resources, accounting, and product teams.

Best of all, you get to do it from sunny San Diego, CA or Tucson, AZ.


Banking app Chime offers a service that its website calls "Banking the way it should be." That means a no-fee debit card and features like helping you save small change akin to a piggy bank. And it's FDIC-insured to give users the financial and mental security they need.

Chime says its mobile-only bank has more than three million bank accounts, which is one million more than last summer — a 50% increase. It tripled its valuation in its latest funding round, making it worth $1.5 billion as of the first week of March.

Chime's user-friendly approach to banking means its hiring employees in a range of fields, including design and strategy (e.g. a Lending & Credit Strategy Manager). They're also looking for a number of product managers, recruiters, and growth specialists. All of Chime's jobs are based out of San Francisco.


Known best by consumers for its candid ad campaigns about erectile dysfunction, Hims considers itself a "men's wellness" company, creating men's care products in five categories: Hair, Sex, Skin, Well-Being, Mouth. In November, founder and CEO Andrew Dudum launched a sister site, called Hers.

The in-your-face marketing tactics seemed to catch investors' attention pretty quickly. It launched in 2017 out of San Francisco, CA and in the year and a half since, Hims has raised nearly $200 million, more than half of which came from its January 2019 funding round that put it on the unicorn list.

It's the only direct-to-consumer product company in 2019's unicorn class so far, and one of two to reach unicorn status as early as January. Unfortunately, the men's wellness e-commerce company doesn't seem to be hiring for any positions at this time. MONEY reached out for confirmation, but did not hear back at the time of publishing this article.

Startup Jobs of the Week: Join EU-Startups, commercetools, HousingAnywhere, or Founders - EU-Startups

Posted: 08 Mar 2019 06:35 AM PST


Sometimes, we all need a change. If you're looking for a new job, EU-Startups job board is a good place to start, with a listing of over 400 jobs from startups across Europe that are hiring for content writers, software engineers, business managers, marketers, designers, and more. Below we've highlighted just a few of the positions available in Europe's growing startup ecosystem:

EU-Startups-Summit-logo-2018On May 2-3 we're going to host this year's EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona, where we're expecting about 1,200 entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, corporates, angel investors, VCs as well as media people to come together to network and learn about the European startup ecosystem. In order to make it a great conference, we're looking for a great intern to take responsibility for tasks including logistics, marketing, and even design. You'll get feedback and experience, and the opportunity to network with startups from across the EU.

commercetoolsCommercetools is looking for a Product Marketing Manager in Berlin, and a Marketing Manager in London. The Product Marketing Manager will help to define the roadmap through engagement with customers, partners, and competitive intelligence, as well as find interesting product features and capabilities and market them externally, while the Marketing Manager will be responsible for the planning, conception, and realisation of all online marketing activities for the UK market. is a global booking platform for mid-term rental accommodation, and is hiring for a variety of positions at its office in Rotterdam, including a Team Lead Customer Solutions, a Spanish Speaking Account Manager, a Full Stack Software Engineer, a Lead Data Engineer, a QA Automation Engineer, and a Data Science Intern. Perks include opportunities to attend training and workshops related to your field of work, sponsored tech talks and other networking events, and Friday Cheers and Beers.

foundersFounders is a startup studio based in Copenhagen that works with exceptional entrepreneurs to build companies from scratch, and scale them as independent companies when they gain traction. Founders is currently looking for a part-time Business Development Manager that will build financial and operational models to inform key decisions, as well as a Content Writer that can excite readers in both Danish and English.

By the way: If you're a startup CEO and also looking for some rockstar employees for your company, make sure to publish a job opening with us now. While basic job ads are free, the standard option of Featured Job posts is available for just €49 and provides you with additional visibility.


Startup jobs of the week: Join nitehero, TWISPER, MyNeo, Ampolon Ventures, or HoloMeeting - EU-Startups

Posted: 22 Feb 2019 12:00 AM PST


Hate Mondays? Quit your boring job and join Europe's growing startup scene. The EU-Startups job board has a listing of over 400 jobs from up and coming startups across Europe, which are looking marketing managers, software engineers, project managers, co-founders, graphic designers, and everything in between. Below is a small sample of some of the positions available in Europe's exciting startup ecosystem:

niteheroLooking to join a startup with a social cause? Berlin-based nitehero has been working for over two years on a solution to address sexual violence against women in public. Its service is designed to help women in cities feel safe at all times and be secure in an emergency. The startup is currently looking for a Co-Founder Chief Marketing Officer, a Co-Founder Chief Technology Officer, and a Head of Operations. Co-founders will receive shares in the company, and all employees will get the chance to be part of a highly motivated and dedicated team that is making a real difference.

TwisperTWISPER is a social network that is all about positivity and transparency. The app deliberately has no algorithms or rating systems. Users get suggestions exclusively from their own circle of friends for great places to eat, drink and sleep. The startup is looking for a Social Media Community Manager, as well as a Graphic Designer/Art Director and a Marketing & Communications Coordinator to join its team in Geneva, Switzerland.  Applicants should have at least three years of relevant experience.

myneoGhent-based biotech startup MyNeo is looking for a Bioinformatician Cancer Researcher that is passionate about actively helping to implement new personalised cancer treatments. Applicants should have both an informatics background (handling sequence data, read alignment, variant calling) and a biological background (cancer metabolism, tumor genomics, innate immune responses). Perks include a competitive salary, flexible hours and work location, and a generous benefits package.

ampolonBased in Frankfurt, Ampolon Ventures is a proptech startup developing web applications to provide a superior end-to-end experience for tenants and landlords, including 3D tours. They are hiring for a Senior Frontend Software Engineer, and a Senior Backend Software Engineer. The right candidates will enjoy opportunies to learn and grow with the company, as well as flexible working hours and work from home options. Applicants should have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science, software engineering, informatics or any equivalent field or relevant experience.

holomeetingHoloMeeting is looking for a Senior Unity Developer for Mixed Reality to work remotely in the UK. HoloMeeting creates remote collaboration experiences, for example for immersive virtual meetings. The right candidate should have 5+ years Unity experience in a professional development team, as well as virtual reality or augmented reality experience.

By the way: If you're a startup CEO and also looking for some rockstar employees for your company, make sure to publish a job opening with us now. While basic job ads are free, the standard option of Featured Job posts is available for just €49 and provides you with additional visibility.


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